Acute Back Pain 05 November 2017

Bowen Therapy for Acute Back Pain

The latest clinical guidelines (NICE) have recommended manual therapies as part of a treatment package for back pain with or without sciatica.

Latest clinical guidelines (NICE)    

Bowen therapy can be used alongside exercise and other self management techniques to give the body the best chance of healing and restoring itself.

We believe that Bowen therapy can help to contribute to relaxation, reduce muscle tension and spasm, address compensation patterns that can occur as a result and allow the Central Nervous System to feel less threatened which can all reduce your experience of pain.

We aim for a speedy recovery, to work alongside your body's innate ability to heal itself.

Here is an personal example of how one of my clients felt Bowen Therapy helped them with acute back pain:

I was in agony with lower back pain, I couldn't even stand up straight! After just one session with Trevor, I was able to get out of bed the next morning and actually stand up straight pain free.

How to tackle it in 10 steps


This is a fantastic article to help people understand and manage an acute episode of back pain. It dispels fears and common myths really well:

With kind thanks from the chartered Society of Physiotherapy - based on all the latest 2017 evidence

Back Pain Exercises

PDF showing back exercises for gentle rehabilatation