COVID19 - your safety first 9 Aug 2020

There are Covid19 related changes to my normal practice in line with both Government requirements and the recommendations from the various professional physical therapy associations.

These aim to ensure that the risks, of both picking up and/or further spreading Covid-19, are kept to a minimum, and are as follows:

Covid19 - what you need to know

  1. All clients are required to fill in a risk assessment form prior to coming for treatment. Please click on this link to access the form: Covid-19 Risk Assessment Form
  2. If you have answered yes to any of the existing medical conditions on the form above, or have been shielding, you will need to complete the Covid-19 Vulnerability Form
  3. Treatment sessions will be shorter, to minimise contact time to less than an hour and to allow a gap of at least 30 mins between clients to thoroughly sanitise surfaces and ventilate the room.
  4. I would ask you to wait outside when you arrive and contact me by phone or text. I will then offer an initial phone consultation over the phone while you are outside, to minimise talking in the treatment room. (If you are not coming by car then let me know and we will arrange a telephone consultation a day or so before your treatment)
    • I will then come out, check your temperature and show you straight into the treatment room via a side gate, so you will not need to go through the house;
    • do arrive ready & dressed for treatment in clean, lightweight clothes;
    • do wash or sanitise hands on entering and exiting the building (provided);
    • do wear a face covering to appointments, unless you are exempt;
    • do bring your own clean towel and water bottle (please keep other personal belongings to a minimum).
  5. I shall be wearing a face mask along with a visor.
  6. I have been advised that when therapists work from home clients should avoid using the toilet facilities as it increases risk too much. Of course if you are desperate, find it difficult to hold on generally or need that reassurance then I am very happy to be flexible and allow use of the toilet and I will sanitise all touch points before and after. If this is not the case, there is a Sainsbury’s with toilets at the bottom of my road that you could use prior to and after the treatment?
  7. If you notice any of the symptoms listed on the risk assessment form prior to your appointment, however mild, you should stay at home and contact me as soon as possible to discuss and reschedule your appointment.
  8. GDPR notice If I or a client I have treated tests positive for coronavirus, the NHS test and trace service may ask about people we've been in contact with. The NHS will then contact them to provide support and testing. The government recommends that businesses keep a temporary record of clients and visitors that they have had in the last 21 days. Under this clause, I may need to share your name and contact details with the NHS if you or another client contracts the virus. That is all the information I will be required to share.

Client Forms

Client Risk Assessment

All clients are required to complete this form prior to their session.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment Form

Client Vulnerability

Clients with existing medical conditions are required to complete this form.

Covid-19 Vulnerability Form

Please don't hesitate to get in touch by phone or text (07833 708208) if you have any questions or you'd like further information. Many thanks for your continued patience and support during this time. I look forward very much to meeting and treating clients, old and new!

If you are at all unsure of your health, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can help.